Saturday, August 25, 2007

I'm coming to I'm home!!

I am going to my parent's house. Oh! Sorry! my mother's house. (I'm apreyer, but not a liar.Ha, ha, ha)This is because my parents divorsed two years ago. People has many reasons we don't know or we don't have the way.
By the way I'm going to my country. This is two times in this year. I'm happy and lucky. My country is in Nagoya. Do you know it? Nagoya is the best area. It is hotter(more humid) than any other area in Japan of the summer, and in Nagoya is Toyota moters company(?).
Also Nagoya food is 'Kishimen', 'Misokatsu', 'Uirou', 'Ankake pasta' and any thing alse. Nagoya is very interesting town. People living in Nagoya is generally called 'NAgoyan'(just kidding)Ha, ha, ha. Thank you. I will come back inTokyo in 27,Aug. Bye-----!!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Japan is wanderful, too

Hi, I am very happy, but I am sad a little. I came to Japan the day before yesterday. In the day, I worked the part time job. I thought my staying in America was dream. Ithink my memory is dream. But, I am writing this blog, so it is actually. I wanted to stay more long time. By the way I feel Japanese good point. First, Japanese food is very good. Second, Japanese is understandable for me,ha ha ha. I felt I am a Japanese .

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


On the last of my first American workshop I went to the White House, or Bush’s House. I thought It is less serious than my image. I love D.C. because this town is very beautiful and artistic. This experiment thanks me to have more imagination.
My first foreign trip to America was very gooooooood, especially to Washington. If my first trip was to Hawaii, I could not understand many good point of America and be not amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So,American town is easier to live than that of Japanese. I want to live in America if I decided where to live.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The most interesting day??????????

I enjoyed watching many planes. In the College Park Aviation Museum I liked the guide. He was talkative, so his tour was very funny, curious and very plain explanation. I think he is like an entertainer. I learned about a lot of planes. “This is the first plane. It flew for only 12 seconds. This is the second plane.” I thought it was like a present plane. “it could fly from one country to another country, surprisingly, it can go over the sea.” It was very fantastic. While he was explaining this story, I costumed this time pilot uniform. I had the unique experience. My friends said to me “The costume became me.” If I lived at that time, My occupation would be a pilot. Ha ha ha…!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 13, 2007

MY thought....

I like it here. If I could come back again at this point, I would, but I can’t. So, I will enjoy from the bottom of my heart.
I had many experiment here. Ji Won let me take me for a ride at night, I played Frisbee with many friends, I saw many pictures in the National Gallery of Art, I was asked to Nina’s home party, I made the police man angry and so on, I did not remember everything, however all happening makes me funny, happy and interesting.

I like Ji Won. He taught everything tome, particularly It is important to teach by using Japanese. I think I cannot speak English in only two weeks, but I can get the difference between Japanese culture and that of American, and I can understand the difficulty of speaking English. I will change the style of studying English, so I will be able to speak English at free.

P.S. while writing this blogging, I am sleepy.

Friday, August 10, 2007

My long long story......^o^

I spoke to mentors, Laura and Ji Won about my future. I belong to majoring of International Economics, but I want to be not a Economist on my final goal. My dream is to become an Artist, an interior of designer. Aha, why are you studying the Economics? I need to Economics in my future.
I respect to two people. One is my high school teacher, who is an Artist of ceramic. He said “If you become an Artist, you needed to have a lot of life. An artist need to taste the sweets and bitters of life.” I think so, too.
The other is ‘Genki Sudo’, who was K-1 fighter last year. If he won the game, He put up the flag, printed “All is one”. He fought for the accomplishment of peace and promoted peace. He became a multi-artist. Of course, he will promote peace by ‘ART’.
When I graduated my high school, I decided majoring of Economics , which topic I want to study. If I were 50 years old, I will become a designer.
I think “You have a power which I become myself I want to be.”

Thursday, August 9, 2007

I have good experience!!!

I long for a newscaster. I went to WUSA Channel 9, local TV network building. So, I spent very good time. I belong to studying of announcement club in Japan, so I am very interested in TV

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I think I am "BAD BOY"

First, I went to SHOPPEER, supermarket. It was interesting for me. It is much bigger than I expected. I bought many things, so I spent about $64. I will gift it to my parents and my friends and so on. Next I ate a nice chicken at dinner. In this restaurant I found a best-looking girl. Of course I took a picture with her. I think …..I am play boy? Ummmm-, I am boy, so I cannot help fascinating a pretty girl.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I died, and was in flower garden as a Heaven.

Hi, I’m Masa.
I went to the Pentagon city. This city is very very good. In the city I got the Zippo. I think it is very cheaper in America than in Japan. I have more glad news. This happened in the store. I took a picture with shop person. She is very beautiful flower. Daniel Powter’s song!(^o^) No! She is a beautiful woman. I was almost fallin’ love with her. The time Spent in the shop doesn’t change for anything!!!! I was in the heaven(^o^)

Monday, August 6, 2007

I became American yesterday.

I went to King Street last Sat. and many memorials last Sun. On Sat, I enjoyed American holiday. I bought new sunglasses and took a picture with a clerk in the street stall of Irish festival. I ate sa much as I like for 9 dollars in a restraint.So my stomach was big as American child.

Friday, August 3, 2007

It's a wonderful world!!

Hi! How are you?
Fine.How are you?(just kidding)

Hi,Ich hisse ....(just kidding)Hi,my mane is Masamitsu Hirose.
I'm second day in USA,my wonderful world.

First,My title is a part of"Strawberry Sex".
"Strawberry Sex" is a song of my favorite singger,Ken Hirai.
He is famous singer in Japan.
he has very good voice and His talk is funny.

Second,I think America is very wonderful country.
I went to go to Seven Eleven yesterday.
It is a convenience store for American,but It is not a convenience store for me.
I want to eat rice,but There is a Lice.(just kidding)