Friday, August 10, 2007

My long long story......^o^

I spoke to mentors, Laura and Ji Won about my future. I belong to majoring of International Economics, but I want to be not a Economist on my final goal. My dream is to become an Artist, an interior of designer. Aha, why are you studying the Economics? I need to Economics in my future.
I respect to two people. One is my high school teacher, who is an Artist of ceramic. He said “If you become an Artist, you needed to have a lot of life. An artist need to taste the sweets and bitters of life.” I think so, too.
The other is ‘Genki Sudo’, who was K-1 fighter last year. If he won the game, He put up the flag, printed “All is one”. He fought for the accomplishment of peace and promoted peace. He became a multi-artist. Of course, he will promote peace by ‘ART’.
When I graduated my high school, I decided majoring of Economics , which topic I want to study. If I were 50 years old, I will become a designer.
I think “You have a power which I become myself I want to be.”


Hiromi said...

Hello, Masa!
I enjoyed reading about what you want to be in the future. Thinking about the future sometimes makes you upset or confused because we're likely to be uncertain of what each of us should do to be what each of us wants to be in the future. After thinking about that, I've tried as much as possible to live everyday like it's my last day because the only thing I'm certain of is NOW! I hope this attitude leads me to where I need to be. ^^

Also, I think it's important for you to be interested in the things that seem to be unrelated to what you want to be, because being interested in many things are always helpful and good for you to enjoy your life! And I think it keeps you away from being scared of the things you don't know. ^^

Laura said...

I was really inspired by your story! Honestly, I'm still not too sure what I want to do after graduating university, so I'm always amazed by people who have a clear image of what they want for the future.

Berta said...

Hi Masa,
Since I am much much older than you and work at a university with freshman students, I can tell you that it is hard to make up one´s mind when there are so many interesting things in life that attract us and that we can probably do really well.
I have met students who started up studying engineering but later graduated as journalists, lawyers, sociologists and they were lucky to have realized what they really wanted and they were good at. They will never be like any other journalist, lawyer or sociologist because that couple of years studying engineering created certain special variables for them.
In your case, you are studying Economics but have a special interest in the arts ... so you will be an economist with an artistic vein or an artist, later on, who knows a lot about the economy of your country or the World.
All the best and hope you find your special place in life ...

Nina Liakos said...

Hi Masa,
I think artistic people often have this choice to make between following their (he)art and doing something practical. Only a few people have talent enough to make a living with art. Maybe you are one of them; maybe not. But you can create beauty in your own life, in many different ways. Good luck!

Dennis said...

Hello, Hiromi.

Your comments about your future plans were both inspiring and thought-provoking. You are wise to realize that all careers involve more than becoming an expert in only one field. I think that if you have knowledge and experience in a wide variety of areas, your own life and your contributions to others will be much richer and more meaningful.

I think you have made a commitment to life-long learning! Congratulations!

I was especially inspired (and touched) by your last comment. Like you, I believe that we all have the power to become whatever we want to be. I also think that for most of us, what we want to be will change as we grow older and accumulate more knowledge and experience.

Very best wishes--

Dennis in Phoenix

Dennis said...

Hello, Masa.


I don't know why I wrote Hiromi. I know that this is Masa's blog!

My apologies for not proofreading very well!

Dennis in Phoenix